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Hydro Design has 30 years experience of building boats that had to withstand a combination of rough seas conditions and high speeds.

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30 years experience

Through our experience with racing constructions we have developed a building technique that delivers an optimal ratio between construction cost, weight and strength. 

The Cormate production Tools has all been developed by CAD/CAM technology and produced in full scale with CNC milling. Hydro Design was one of the first boat builders in Europe to exploit this technology. The first CAD drawings were conducted in 1993 and the first 3D models were made in 1999. CAD and 3D modeling are used throughout the design process, from the construction and stability test of the hull to the planning of wiring and cabling.

3d complex carrier
Complex 3D model for T28
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CNC Milling Machine
30 years

Hydro-Design was founded in 1985 by Egil Ranvig. Together with his friend Tom Martens Meyer, he developed the enterprise from producing affordable waterski boats to increasingly sophisticated racing boats.